We provide specialist and focussed training for the commercial property industry.

Make Good

Designed for asset and property managers, tenant advisors and commercial building consultants.

It can be 2 hour, half day or full day duration, depending on the level of detail required.

Building Defects

From Spalling to Damp; Movement to Shattering glass; Water Penetration to Rot. The course provides knowledge on how and why building defects occur; how and where to look; understanding the implications and methods of approaching repair.

This course is generally full day, but an abbreviated version can be provided.

Building Refurbishment to Sustainable Targets

To optimise the effectiveness of refurbishments they need to target market recognised ratings and standards. Our course explains how to use guides and green rating schemes to assist in the planning of the proposed work. It advises on how to balance performance within PCA Guide Grades, it also shows how to use NABERS and Green Star in planning and managing the refurbishment. The course shows how to put the theory into practice in occupied commercial buildings recognising that tenants have their right to ‘quiet enjoyment’.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to PCA Grades and Green Rating tools
  • Planning upgrades
  • Setting targets and benchmarking
  • Planning and managing work in operating buildings
  • Case studies on:
    • Running NABERS Energy Upgrades
    • Assessing buildings against the PCA Guide to Office Building Quality

We have provided training for the following organisations:

  • University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • Property Council of Australia (PCA)
  • Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)
  • plus several real estate, legal firms and property institutions