Building Consultancy

Building consultancy is the provision of professional advice on existing construction and technical aspects of buildings. We specialise in all types of institutional property, especially commercial and industrial.

Services include:

  • Building defects and failures:
    • Building defect analysis
    • Building condition assessments and schedules
  • Complex and intricate / complicated maintenance work including:
    • Leaking or failing membranes;
    • Roof leaks;
    • Facade leaks;
    • Major decoration
  • Building Performance Reviews:
    • Assessment against PCA and other quality standards

We generally consult on complex technical issues where they are too time consuming or beyond the expertise of the property management team. While we provide technical advice, we also understand the occupation side of properties, so our advice takes into account lease obligations, quiet enjoyment, the smooth operation of the building, rights of tenants, landlords restrictions on entry, impact on image and heritage constraints.

In many instances we work with specialist consultants selected for their specific and often highly technical non-property skills. Please note as we are not specialist engineers, we do not carry out the engineering calculations, but frequently arrange the services of specialist consultants in many disciplines.

Examples of recent building consultancy projects include:

  • Heritage roof - membrane replacement;
  • Facade repairs;
  • Cathodic protection of concrete structure in a saline environment;
  • Solving mysterious significant water leaks to a city heritage building;
  • Syphonic roof drainage;
  • Facade glass containing Nickel Sulphide (Sulfide) inclusions
    • assessment, safety measures, replacement;
  • Leaking under sea level service tunnel;
  • Failed slabs due to water ingress;
  • Lateral slab movement due to poor edge restraint;
  • Asbestos assessment and management of the removal process
    • large and small projects;
  • Reduction of EMF (Electric and Magnetic Field) interference
  • Failing swimming pool roof - due to:
    • Defective membranes
    • Inefficient insulation
    • Dissimilar metals
    • Corrosion
    • Condensation

Building inspections assisting clients assess property for suitability for their business:

  • including an industrial business with Dangerous Goods storage;
  • review of performance against the PCA Guide to Office Building Quality