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Make Good


We are very experienced in Make Good and Dilapidations claims.


Our skills include the preparation and negotiation of a Schedule of Make Good in accordance with a tenant’s repairing obligations contained in their lease. Typically served just before lease end, but may be used to encourage tenants to maintain their premises to the standard set in the lease.


Condition Schedules


Closely allied to Make Good is the preparation of a Schedule of Condition to record the condition of the premises prior to lease commencement, major works in the building or neighbour’s property.



Project Management


A lot of the work we do comes under Project Management:


  • Complex building repairs
  • Services upgrades
  • Refurbishment
  • Environmental upgrades


This means:


  • Listening to our clients
  • Agreeing a brief
  • Implementing the works to be cost effective and in time
  • Clean delivery and completion





We are experienced in working within operating occupied buildings. We understand the fine balance between quiet enjoyment and completing an upgrade.


We achieve maximum value for your money by ensuring best prices are obtained and passed on to the client, we also run open accounting so you can see where every dollar goes.



Building Defects Assessment and Repair


Complex and technical repair assessment and management is a very specialised area. We have the training and experience to assess problems and resolve them using and managing other technical expertise as required.


From roof and facade leaks to movement cracking, water leaks and spalling concrete we have been involved in the assessment, scoping tendering and management of repairs.



Strategy & Upgrade Advice - Refurbishment Strategies

We have managed many refurbishment programs for large and small commercial buildings.


We review the building to assess current performance and appearance and advise on the works that are needed to be carried out. This work is often carried out in parallel with an assessment of the building against the PCA Guide in order to benchmark it within its grade, thus ensuring that the future performance will be balanced, and not under or over perform in any particular category, just even performance within its Grade.


Green and Healthy Buildings


NABERS Performance Upgrades


We project managed the upgrading of a 50,000+ square metre Sydney CBD commercial building from 2 stars to 4 stars in about a year. This complex project involved a team from property managers to NABERS assessor, BMS plumbing to security staff to watch, record, assess, calculate, prioritise and implement.


Green Star Performance


We worked with a major property fund to provide advice and management to achieve a GreenStar Performance Portfolio rating.


Attracting and Rewarding Green Thinking Tenants


We can assist owners to set up their systems and work so that tenants who are targetting a green interiors rating could achieve points towards their rating simply by choosing your building.


Using careful strategies these “points for Turning Up’ could be available to your existing and future tenants wishing to achieve a Green Star Interiors rating.


PCA Grade Assessment


We have worked with several building owners assessing their buildings against the Property Council of Australia’s - A Guide to Office Building Quality. This is generally as part of a refurbishment planning process, or where they need to know for leasing or tenant management.


We have carried out ‘Hypothetical Tenant’ Reviews to review buildings as if they were being inspected by a prospective tenant.


Pre-Sale and Pre-Purchase Inspections and Reports


Examination of a property or project prior to purchase or transfer, and preparation of a report provides the technical knowledge needed during a due diligence assessment of a building.


Our reports typically include; building fabric, services, facade, environment - the scope is agreed with the client prior to proceeding.


We can incorporate a review against PCA, NABERS and Green Star, benchmarking current and future potential rating.


We manage the whole process, engaging the team, coordinating and running the team to a tight time frame.


Pre-sale building reports are prepared to describe and detail the elements and condition of the building for purchasers. The scope of our reports will be discussed and agreed with the client prior to proceeding.


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